DIG & DILL™ is a Quick-Launch Email Funnel System that Will Take You From
"What Do My Readers Want to Buy?" to "Product Delivered" in 2 Weeks
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Your Special One-Time Investment
is Just $497 $197

You'll be surprised at this fast, no-sales-page funnel comes together.
It is designed to give your readers exactly what they want while increasing your revenue.

how it works

the "DIG" Offer creation method
In this training, you'll discover the exact process to use to find out what products your readers want to buy from you so that you'll can create irresistible offers.
you'll walk away with:
An offer that is validated by your readers that they are ready to buy including
• How to Price It
• Naming Tips for Making It Unique
the no-sales-page funnel
No long sales letters to write & design in this funnel! We'll go straight from email to order form... 

Think it won't work? Oh, it does my friend. 

I'll show you the secrets to making it work and multiple case studies that will have you thinking "WTF? Why have I been making this so hard??"
• Your 7-Email Series Written
(with shortcuts that make it quick)
• Exactly How You Can Not Use a Sales Page & What You Need Instead
The "DILL" product creation method
Learn my top tricks for getting your product done fast! 

You'll be surprised when I tell you what it is and how great is has worked for me and my students.
• Your Product DONE in a Way that Makes Your Readers Love You Even More!
 everything you get inside
DIG & DILL™ is a Quick-Launch Email Funnel System that Will Take You From
"What Do My Readers Want to Buy?" to "Product Delivered" in 2 Weeks
Relationship & Revenue Product Shot
  • "DIG" Offer Creation Method Training (valued at $497)
  • No-Sales-Page Funnel Training (valued at $497)
  • "DILL" Product Creation Training (valued at $497)
  • The "DIG" Offer Creation Email Templates (valued at $97)
  • ​DIG & DILL Promo Email Series Templates (valued at $97)
  • ​No-Sales-Page Needed Templates (valued at $97)
  • ​BONUS: Product Welcome Email Series Templates (valued at $97)
  • ​​BONUS: Fast Product Branding Guide (valued at $297)
Total Value = $2,079
Today's Price = $197
If you're not 100% happy with the Dig & DILL Quick-Launch Email Funnel within 30 days, I will offer you a full refund, for any reason.

You can join today without making a final decision.

Take the full 30 days to decide.
That gives you 30 days to dive into all the goodness that is inside...
the trainings, the fill-in-the-blank templates, the one-page secret funnel, the checklists, and the insider information.
Experience Dig & DILL for yourself and see if it can impact your business.
That way you can make a decision based on real information, not just thoughts swimming in your head that may not be (probably aren't) true.

Your Special One-Time Investment
is Just $497 $197

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